Walter B. Sadauskas, Inc. uses the following Finance Companies to provide a wider range of 
credit for your unique business needs.

Please provide the requested Information below to us to pre-approve your financing of our vehicles. 
Fill out, Print and mail or Fax this form to.

Walter B. Sadauskas, Inc.
Utility Company Trucks
299 Rt. 30 West
Imperial, PA 15126
724-695-0545 Phone
toll free outside of PA: 877-295-3145
724-695-8904 Fax 

Business Information
Type of Business
Legal Name of Lessee
Federal ID#
Lessee Contact Name
Lessee Contact Phone
Lessee Address Line 1
Lessee Address Line 2
Lessee City
Lessee State
Lessee Zip
Name of Officer Signing Lease
Title of Signing Officer
Description of Business
Years in Business
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Requested Truck Information
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Owners Information
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Date of Birth
Banking Information
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Credit Reference
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Reference Information
Trade Reference 1 Name
Trade Reference 1 City
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Trade Reference 1 Contact Person
Trade Reference 2 Name
Trade Reference 2 City
Trade Reference 2 Phone
Trade Reference 2 Contact Person
Trade Reference 3 Name
Trade Reference 3 City
Trade Reference 3 Phone
Trade Reference 3 Contact Person

I hereby authorize our banks, trade references and financial institutions to release credit information to the leasing companies used by Walter B. Sadauskas, Inc.